Transfer from Prague to European cities

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Transfer from Prague to European cities
Coming into the rich history of his country, no one can resist the temptation to arrange a small tour to learn more new and interesting things. It does not matter for what purpose he had come here, whether on business or a business meeting, a trip to a friend or just a tour of famous European cities. So, a trip to Prague and a small supply of spare time will give you a lot of impressions from a variety of historical and cultural attractions of the Czech Republic.

Also, hardly anyone will refuse to visit nearby cities such as Dresden, Berlin, Vienna, the capital of France, or to conquer the hearts of tourists to Venice. But to implement such a trip alone is extremely difficult. After all, not really knowing how to get into this or that city, you spend a lot of time and will not be able to fully enjoy what he saw. All the time you'll be late for the bus, train, plane. To solve this kind of problem and make the trip truly memorable excellent service will help support offered taxi service in Prague. We can provide the most comfortable and perfectly working cars with experienced drivers who can take you to any city in Europe.

Using these services, you can:

visit many European cities, the most pleasure in their beauty;
not thinking about the problems associated with transport, charged with positive energy traveling;
in the shortest possible time to get acquainted with the history and culture of many European capitals and cities;
at a very reasonable price you will receive the highest level of service quality.
Tours of Europe with our drivers - a new and very popular among the customers service. After all, the thirst for variety of travel is not foreign to anyone.

Prices for transfers by city Evropy
The cost of transfer includes:

Transfers to and, if necessary, back
Waiting for the trip and recreation
At your request, we can provide a guide

Praga Taxi

Our prices for taxi:


Sedan (max. 3 persons)


Minibus (max. 8 persons)


Hotel in Prague 20 28
Railway station - Hotel 15 25
Jachymov 100 125
Lipno Dam 155 185
Karlovy Vary 85 99
Marianske Lazne 115 135
Frantiskovy Lazne 110 130
Plzen 65 75
Podebrady 60 75
Teplice 65 85
Špindlerův Mlýn 105 125
Machovo jezero 65 85
Pardubice 75 95
Brno 145 175
If you need any other destination – contact us

Prices are here and you can contact us by 

+420 773-08-5747
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